Young Generation Leadership Conference (YGLC)


Young Generation Leadership Conference (YGLC) 2021 is a gathering for the young generation who yearn to see mission revival in North America once again! Through worship, lectures, discussions, and fellowship, we anticipate the great outpouring of His grace and anointing to overcome every hindrance of the last days and rise as the last generation to finish the task of the Gospel. Through this year's YGLC, may we see the explosive commissioning of North America YG to the ends of the earth!


• Audience: Young Adults (35 yrs. old and younger), College students & High School students (12th grade) 
• Dates: May 29th (4pm, after YG Mission Camp) - May 30th (5pm). Please buy flights accordingly
• Registration & Fee: $60
• Location: JAMA Global Campus, Lindale, TX

Shuttle will be provided from YGLC venue to DFW 
• Airport: Dallas Fort Worth (CODE: DFW)
• Contact: ygmissioncamp@intercp.org