Dr. Rev. Samuel Il-Sik Choe

Executive Director

Kingdom Inter-Missions Network


“Our Lord Jesus Christ’s highest interest was the Kingdom of God. His sovereignty will soon be fulfilled over every nation and the ends of the earth. The Great Commission -- "go and make disciples of all nations" -- must be the highest interest of our lives in these end times. The investment and commitment of our time to missions will never be in vain.  As a life calling for all Christians of all generations, missions do not have a retirement age. InterCP is the biggest unreached-people-groups and frontier mission organization, specializing in minority people groups and Islamic missions.  InterCP is a member of KIMNET: an organization that has been raised up and blessed by the Lord. We hope that you will come and experience amazing grace and blessings through InterCP's Mission Camps.”



Rev. David Ireland

Christ Church, NJ


“People are God’s method in shaping history. The Lord doesn’t come up with a slick plan, invent some high-end tech device that is THE answer, or ask the wealthiest person to donate all of their assets. He simply finds those who are willing to obey and demonstrate His compassion through the Gospel and sends them into the harvest field.  I invite you to InterCP’s Mission Camp 2019 to become a history-maker. Welcome!"



Rev. Dr. Marcus Roberts

Calvary Cathedral of Praise, NY



"It is my prayer that Mission Camp 2019 will be used by Almighty God to mobilize and motivate the churches of America to realize the shortness of the time and the magnitude of the unfinished task. The Lord of the Harvest is expecting that the churches obediently complete the task through the power of the Holy Spirit. It can be done. It must be done. Jesus said, 'I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'"


Rev. Suzette Caldwell

Windsor Village United Methodist Church, TX



“God is looking for courageous people who will pray for the power of God’s kingdom to invade the earth. I believe InterCP is called to raise up an army of believers to war against the powers of darkness and advance the Kingdom of God. I invite you to InterCP’s Mission Camp 2019 and to become a part of the mighty army God is building to prepare the way for our Lord Jesus.”