Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are excited to invite you to our annual Young Generation Mission Camp 2021!  The Word of God clearly shows us that we are living in the end times. We must be ready to endure and overcome by faith all the tribulation and persecution that is to come. At Young Generation Mission Camp, together we will cry out for God to raise up his holy End Times Army, those that will endure all things for the name of Jesus! Our hope is in Jesus Christ and his 2nd coming alone! May we see our young generation rise up as good and faithful servants in these times. May God pour out His power and grace as we come and commit together for the revival and restoration of all nations.


How to Join:

  • Registration will only be offered online. Click here to register

  • Registration will be processed in first come, first served basis and will be closed when all spaces are filled. Once registration is full, all registrants will be wait-listed in the order received.

  • Refunds may be requested by email up to 5 days before the final deadline. (Email:

  • 10% administrative fee is non-refundable.

  • Registration Fee includes all meals from Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch. Includes lodging. 


Registration Fee

First Deadline (4/25) / Final Deadline (5/12)


  • All Participants : $140 ($160 after 4/25)


  • Accommodation will be provided during Mission Camp. Once max. capacity is reached for on-site housing participants will need to book housing at nearby hotels. Information on hotel booking will be released shortly. 

  • To request roommates, please contact your local branch or the Mission Camp Accommodation Team.               Email:

  • All participants must bring their own sleeping bag.  A limited number of linen sets will be available for an additional cost of $10. (Includes fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a summer blanket). 


Shuttles and Transportation

  • Shuttles will be provided from Dallas Fort Worth.  Airport code: DFW

  • Information on shuttle services will be released shortly. 


2021 YG Mission Camp Program


Topical Lecture

An exceptional lecture given by Missionary Paul Choi that interprets various events of the year through the Word. The lecture sheds light on, and gives understanding of, the times by sharing the holy vision and the Kingdom of God, who is the author of history that administers the nations.


Testimony / Topical Lectures from Guest Speakers

Mission specialists and missionaries who have done discipleship and church planting on the mission field will share about the Father’s heart for the unreached people groups and the reality of mission.


Nation Expo

You will get exposure to the unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window including the Arab region, North Africa, Persia, Asia minor, Caucasus region, Central Asia, Mongol Siberia, Western China, North India, Volga-Ural region. Visual resources such as posters, pictures, media clips, regional clothing, and souvenirs for and from the unreached nations will be displayed to provide an experience to learn about the culture, life, and the current situation of the mission field.


Elective Lectures

Participants may attend lectures of their choice given by experienced experts who will speak on a variety of topics, including specific ministries needed on the mission field as well as in North America.


Media Clips

Through different media clips highlighting the global issues that have emerged over the past year, and viewing them from a Christian perspective, it will provide a look into the task that the global church must accomplish.


YG Festival

The young generation will worship and pray together with God’s vision. It is a time of celebration to declare the Kingdom of God in all nations and commit to finish the task of the Great Commission.


Vision/Life Counseling

Opportunities to speak with missionaries or spiritual mentors to receive counseling.



For more information, please email to or contact your local branch.